General conditions



  • Accommodation. It is described in the reservation form.
  • Booking Agent. It is considered as a posible intermediary or other independent organisation that takes care of the administrative procedures for the landlord and receives the payments.
  • Riuyrabdells S.L.U. It is a company dedicated to providing services to homes/apartments. It carries out the functions of the Booking Agent.
  • Owner - Landlord. It is the owner of the accommodation or the property.

When the Tenant makes a reservation through Internet with the Landlord or Riuyrabdells S.L.U. or other Booking Agent, a contract to which these general conditions apply shall be deemed to have been concluded.  

The services contracted with Riuyrabdells S.L.U. are the following ones:

  • Cleaning of the accommodation before the guests’ arrival and after their departure.
  • Supply and placement of bedding and towels.
  • Reception of the guests on arrival.
  • Attention to the guests during their stay in relation to the accommodation.

The consideration of these services is included in the amount attached.

The owner of the home is solely responsible for any incidents or damage that may occur in the home. Any controversy that may arise in this concept should be directed to the property.

Riuyrabdells S.L.U. is responsible of the work obligations of the personnel that provides its service in its behalf.

Payment conditions

It is a required condition that the advance payment must be made in advance in order to confirm a reservation. The remaining payments must be in possession of the Booking Agent on the dates established in the reservation form. Otherwise, the reservation can be cancelled without any right of reimbursement of the previous payments. When a reservation is made within 30 days prior to the rental period, the total amount of the rental, the extras and the deposit must be paid in one instalment. The lack of any of the payments implies the cancellation of the contract. In this case, the payment on account will be used to cover the expenses incurred and the damages suffered, but not exclusively the loss of profit.

Prices are indicated per accommodation and per month, week or day. If there were any variations in the taxes that may affect them, the prices would vary by the amount. We are not responsible for any printing mistakes in the price list or in the publication on the website. 


The tenant may cancel the rental contract, in writing, up to 30 days before the start of the rental period. In this case, the penalty will be 10% of the total of the rental and extras, which will remain in possession of the Booking Agent. This penalty may be recovered if in a period of less than one year from the start date of the rental, the tenant makes another reservation for an amount equal to or greater than the original rental. If the cancellation is made within 30 days prior to the start of the rental period, the tenant must pay the full amount of the rental to the landlord.

When the cancellation is due to a government imperative, the amounts already paid will be refunded.


The rental price does not include any kind of insurance. If you wish, you can contact us.

Landlord’s responsibility

Neither the landlord nor the Booking Agent are responsible in any way for the possible loss (of value) and/or for the damages to the belongings of the Tenant and other guests caused by the incorrect use of the rented property. If the Tenant is damaged as a result of defects in the rented property, the Tenant’s responsibility is limited to the rental price. The legal compensation will be applied to the damages that have occurred as a result of the Landlord’s breach of contract. The Landlord will not be responsible for any other damages.

The landlord will repair in the shortest possible time any possible breakdown or malfunction of the domestic equipment essential to the comfort of the tenant. For the purposes of quantifying this type of damage, a maximum compensation of 10% of the amount paid per night, excluding cleaning and extras, is established for the failure to use an air conditioning unit or the refrigerator.

Tenant’s responsibility

The Tenant is responsible, jointly and severally, for him and the other guests, for the total amount of the rent and for any other damage caused by his behaviour in the rented accommodation. It is not allowed to occupy the accommodation with more people than those indicated. If it is occupied by a greater number of guests, the contract will be cancelled and the deposit will be lost. In this case, payments made will not be refunded.

The tenant assumes the responsibility of allowing access to the property to the landlord, his representatives or any other worker who has to repair something inside the property, and to check that the contract conditions are fulfilled by the tenant.

The internal regulation must be respected, in case that the accommodation is part of a community, residence or urbanisation.

It is forbidden to copy or reproduce any of the keys of the accommodation. The total or partial sublease, as well as the transfer of the rented property by the tenant is strictly forbidden. If this clause is not complied, the contract will be cancelled.


The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the accommodation and the destination. The deposit must be paid at the time of confirming the reservatio by credit card charging. In order check correctly the accommodation when the guest departs, the deposit will be returned within 7 days after the end of the rental period. The damages or losses in the rented items and/or in case of the fault of the Tenant will be quantified and deducted from the amount of the deposit. In case it is not enough, the difference will be paid to the Landlord. Any breakage, loss or damage to the rented accommodation must be reported immediately to the Landlord or the Booking Agent.

Duration of stay, time of arrival and departure

Arrival time is from 5pm to 7pm. If you arrive later, you must inform the Booking Agent. They may charge you a fee for this key delivery. The departure time is before 10am, otherwise you may be charged for damages.

On departure, the tenant must leave the accommodation in a considerable state, tidy and clean. The furniture must be in its original state (as on arrival), the dishes must be washed and stored in their place. Bedding and towels should be placed in a laundry bag provided in the accommodation. The lack of these requirements will allow the Booking Agent to make a charge for these items on the deposit.


Before entering at home, all people over 16 years old who enter a tourist accommodation must prove their age by means of a valid official document, whether national or foreign. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a serious penalty (article 36.20) with a fine of 601 to 30,000 euros or in a minor case (article 37.9) with a fine of 100 to 600 euros for the hotel establishment (Organic Law 4/2015, of 30th March, on the Protection of Public Safety). The Booking Agent will provide you with the necessary general information according to the identification process, check-in, accommodation, and surroundings.   


The tenant accepts the condition of the property as seen in the photographs on the websites where the landlord advertises it. If there is a mistake or deficiency at the destination, he must notify it immediately the Booking Agent. If it is not resolved, you must submit your complaint in writing and providing reasons. If you change to another accommodation without notifying the Booking Agent, you will lose all restitution rights.

Bedding and towels

The rented property will have a set of sheets per bed and a set of towels for every person indicated in the reservation. Sheets only will be provided depending on the number of people that will occupy the dwelling. The other beds or sofa-beds will not be equipped unless expressly requested and may have an extra cost. You may need to change the bedding and towels, at the end of each week of your stay, at the reception of the key delivery address.

Additional facilities

You can ask for a travel cot or highchair with extra cost, at the moment of booking, if you wish.

Si se quiere, en el momento de efectuar la reserva, se podrá solicitar una cuna de viaje o trona con sobrecoste.


Pets are not allowed unless it is expressly authorised by the Booking Agent.

Parties and events

They are forbidden. It is understood as parties and events every meeting where the number of people exceeds twice the number of those who can be accommodated in the dwelling.

Music or sound

It is forbidden to play music or make noise that can be heard outside the rental property.

Construcion works

The landlord does not assume any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by construction works that are not carried out on behalf of the owner of the accommodation.

Satellite or cable television

El Agente de servicios no asume ninguna responsabilidad por el hecho de no poderse ver alguno de los canales de la televisión.

Water, electricity and internet


The landlord is not responsible for cuts generated by the companies that supply these elements.

Water and electricity use

The use of water and electricity will be appropriate and reasonable. If there is extreme consumption during the tenant’s stay, this could be invoiced separately on departure. (max.15kWh/day).

Garden and swimming pool

The accommodations that have these services require regular maintenance. The guest is obliged to give access to the maintenance personnel. It is forbidden to make use of the garden and the swimming pool elements other than those for enjoyment.

Choice of jurisdiction and applicable law

Any dispute between the landlord and the client will be resolved in the courts where the property is located.

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