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Vacation rentals in Oliva

In these apartments you can enjoy all the comforts and proximity to the beach. You will be surrounded by services such as restaurants, supermarkets and you will be able to practice all kinds of sports and excursions.
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We have found the vacation rental in Oliva you are looking for

We are a specialized vacation rental agency in Oliva. With over 20 years of experience in the area, we are known for finding and offering our clients the vacation rental in Oliva they are looking for. We have vacation accommodations available in Oliva Nova.
Whether you prefer to be closer to the seafurther away, with specific rooms, a balcony, a pool… Just let us know, as we have several vacation rental properties in Oliva to meet all your needs.
Trust Ana Casa Real Estate in Oliva for your vacation rental needs and enjoy your days of rest and relaxation.

What types of vacation rental properties in Oliva are you looking for?

We have vacation apartments in Oliva, vacation flats in Oliva, and vacation villas in Oliva. All available during the summer season, so you can make your reservation as soon as possible and fully enjoy your vacation.
We offer exclusive vacation villas in Oliva with private pool, 300m from the beach, with barbecue and air conditioning. These properties are located in privileged areas of Oliva.
If you prefer to be closer to leisure activities such as the Oliva Golf Course, we have townhouses available for vacation rental in Oliva, located near restaurants, the beach, and everything you may need. These properties are equipped with the best amenities and features, including a garden, private plot, and much more.

Apartments for Rent in Oliva Beach

If you are looking for the best vacation apartments for rent in Oliva Beach, our vacation rental agency in Oliva offers a variety of flats, apartments, and villas to suit all tastes and needs.

Enjoy your vacation near the sea in the best vacation rentals in Oliva with sea views. Whether you are with family, friends,your partner, take advantage of these days of relaxation near the sea.

Rest near the sea, disconnect from your daily routine. Rent an apartment on Oliva Beach, one of the best beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Moreover, due to its proximity to Valencia and Alicante, you can also explore the surrounding areas.

Visit nearby beaches and secluded coves with fewer crowds. Discover the "Font Salada" in Oliva, a natural spot where you can swim and refresh yourself.

The Best Holidays on Oliva Beach

If you want to escape to the beach during the summer, Easter,any weekend, check out the available vacation rentals in Oliva with a pool on our website.

Enjoy your days of rest and relaxation and return to your daily routine feeling refreshed. Take advantage of our vacation apartments in Oliva with a pool to make the most of your well-deserved vacation.

Are you looking to spend the best days of rest and relaxation on Oliva Beach? Trust Ana Casa Real Estate.

Renting Houses in Oliva Beach

At Ana Casa Real Estate, we offer you the best selection of rental houses in Oliva Beach to fully enjoy your vacation. If you are looking to rent a house on the beach for your vacation, you have come to the right place.

Vacation House Rentals in Oliva Beach

We have a wide variety of rental houses in different areas of Oliva Beach. Our houses are fully equipped and furnished for your comfort. Moreover, they feature outdoor spaces such as terracesgardens for you to enjoy the good weather.

Why Choose Our Vacation House Rentals in Oliva Beach?

  • A wide variety of houses to suit all tastes and needs.
  • Spectacular locations in different areas of Oliva Beach.
  • Fully equipped and furnished houses for your comfort.
  • Personalized and professional attention from our team of experts.
  • Competitive and flexible prices according to your needs.

How to Reserve a House in Oliva Beach?

Reserving a house in Oliva Beach is very easy. Simply visit our website and choose the house that best suits your needs and preferences. You can also contact our team of experts who will help you find the perfect vacation rental for you.

The price starts from €39 per night. There are different prices depending on the season, location, and the vacation rental property in Oliva you choose.

September has the highest availability at a good price for vacation rentals in Oliva. However, if you book in advance, you can find vacation apartments and flats in Oliva at any time of the year. Don''t wait any longer!

Most of our vacation rentals in Oliva have WiFi for internet access. If you want to ensure this service, check the property details where it is indicated with an icon.

Holiday rentals in Oliva