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Holiday apartments rental with private pool


Who are we?

In Inmobiliaria Anacasa, we offer a purchase, sale and rental service for homes in Dénia (Alicante - Costa Blanca) and Oliva (Valencia).

Inmobiliaria Anacasa is an intermediation agency specialized in buying and selling homes, commercial premises, plots and land. We have two customer service offices; in Oliva, on Padre Antonio Salelles street 3 and in Dénia on Patricio Ferrándiz street 44.

Among our range of products, we have houses, villas, townhouses, duplexes, flats and apartments. We also differentiate the beach product of a seasonal nature, summer, from the annual city product.

We have developed the vacation product, offering our clients a complete advice by letting them know everything they can do in our area to plan your stay as intense or relaxed as you want. We have houses, villas and apartments in Denia and Oliva

We have more than ten years of experience that has allowed us to know what we do and be able to offer our clients real estate advice in the legal, fiscal and financial fields.
Its operations are treated with a knowledge of what is done.
We comply with the requirements established by the Generalitat Valenciana and the Tax Agency in terms of tourist rentals, likewise we take care of making the police communications of our clients in transit. We avoid the fiscal risks of possible unwanted subleasing.
Anacasa has a specialized team for each of the services we provide.

Our services provide a professional staff to make the reception of the client upon arrival, cleaning of the apartment, laundry service, electrical repairs, plumbing, carpentry, among others. You only have to contribute the house, we take care of the rest.
If what you are looking for is to buy a home, our team will offer you the one that best suits your wishes and needs, price, location (Denia, Oliva). We will help you in the management of the financing and we carry out all the necessary notarial and registration procedures so that you only have to come to sign.
Also if you want to sell a home, we can make an appraisal to know the best price for your home. In turn, we prepare the house to be more attractive and have the necessary documentation to reach the best result.
Houses, flats, apartments, townhouses, penthouses, lofts, commercial premises, mezzanines, offices, garages, storage rooms, plots, land, warehouses, and more elements are those that complement the offer of our product.

Our team adds to our offer a wide range of activities in our areas of Denia and Oliva with excursions, sports experiences and succulent gastronomic days. Our milestone is to find the best quality in your stay for the satisfaction of our customers

Contact us and find out about our products in the city and on our beaches (Houses, flats, apartments, townhouses, penthouses, lofts, commercial premises, mezzanines, offices, garages, storage rooms, plots, land, warehouses.)

There are many activities that you can do on these beaches. Making a brief summary of the most outstanding elements of each, we have:
Dénia is a town turned over to the sea, where its streets and promenades rest on it, mainly on its port that serves as protection for the sea.
Olive, unlike Denia, is a town one years old, on its beaches you can see the houses of a century ago resting on the sand next to its dunes. Its tranquility favor the rest that our customers are looking for so much. In its old town they emphasize their churches in which you can discover the traditions of this town.
Both populations highlight their typical gastronomic dishes, in Oliva we have the farsidas kennels, the boñitolet, the coques de dacsa, the eels in all and pebre, and one more etc. In Denia the famous prawn of denia, its sea urchins, its rice a banda.

And do not forget to look for us on social networks like Google+ and video channels like YouTube, to be informed of all our activity.

Our company is registered in the General Register of Companies, Establishments and Tourist Professions of the Valencian Community with the number EGVT-203-V, and the rental housing we manage, are registered in the Register of Tourist Housing of the Generalitat Valenciana .

Inmobiliaria Anacasa
Patricio Ferrándiz 44 bajo.
03700 DÉNIA (Alicante) España
Padre Antonio Salelles 3 bajo.
46780 OLIVA (Valencia) España
RIUYRABDELLS SLU Patricio Ferrándiz 65, 5º, 3 en 03700 Dénia
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