The owners of the homes we manage are fully accompanied by a company that allows them to forget about everything that the tourist and vacation rental entails. We advertise your home, we manage your reservations, we serve your guests upon arrival and once here, we take care of any possible incidents they may have. Along with this, our company offers the property cleaning service plus the provision of bedding and bathroom equipment so that the owner does not have to worry about these supplies.

The customer, at their reception, will find a welcome pack that allows them to have a present upon arrival, water, milk, nescafe, muffins and some more details. Along with this, they are also offered a cleaning pack for the kitchen, with paper, cloths, scourer, dishwasher ... As last year, this year we have also added the covid pack consisting of hydroalcoholic gel and masks. The client does not need to bring anything from home to start their stay, here they have a minimum of all the necessary elements upon arrival. Our apartments incorporate the latest technologies in this sector, in which we highlight online check-in, based on checking in by capturing customer data without the need for their direct presence. We have also incorporated online access to our homes through an opening system that we provide on your mobile phone. In this way, the client, to access their reservation, will not need to go through our offices, but will access their home directly. Another addition that we have made is the control of air conditioning consumption by means of a movement control inside the house. All this is done without detracting from the attention our staff maintains with the client; For this, a 24-hour support service is available, in which they can contact our team. Behind us there is a maintenance team that includes electricians, plumbers, carpenters and those services that may be necessary for any incident during their stay.

All our homes are reviewed annually, being redecorated and incorporating all those elements that due to wear and tear need a change. We have a cleaning team within the same staff of the company, which has been formed with the experience over the years. This year they have carried out a specialized cleaning course in the treatment of Covid 19. All cleaning that is carried out is subsequently reviewed by a supervisor, who takes around 30 photographs of its condition.

Contact us and arrange an appointment where we can put all this into practice and we will be happy to working for and with you.

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